Eliminating STH as a public health problem worldwide is challenging and complex. That is why CWW focuses on partnerships and advocacy. Working together, we can achieve action across sectors to eliminate suffering. 
Partnerships & Advocacy
CWW manages the work of the STH Coalition and serves as the STH Advisory Committee secretariat 


Forging strong and productive partnerships and advocating for STH control are vital to our mission. We started in 2006 as a partnership between Johnson & Johnson and The Task Force for Global Health. Since then, the CWW partnership has expanded to include GlaxoSmithKline 2, and other donors. 

  • Through its Action Group, the STH Coalition conducts an annual review of barriers and progress facing STH control globally. An annual workplan guides the coordinated efforts of the 60+ organizations working together to achieve WHO’s goal to eliminate STH as a public health problem.
  • The STH Coalition has facilitated improved data reporting by partners and national governments. Improved reporting has helped the STH community for the first time meet the milestones of the London Declaration.


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