Our Work


Children Without Worms (CWW) provides technical assistance and resources to soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) control programs and guides STH research. Our technical assistance supports the World Health Organization (WHO) defined goal of eliminating STH as a public health problem. We build local capacity to successfully manage sustainable, impactful STH control efforts. In endemic countries, we work primarily with government STH programs to systematically identify gaps, mobilize resources, sustain appropriate planning and program management, and most importantly, effectively deliver interventions.

We convene stakeholders to identify needs and facilitate action on global challenges. We support sustained collaborations among members of the STH community through our roles as the secretariats of the STH Coalition and the STH Advisory Committee. The STH Coalition is an expanding multi-sectoral group of over 55 partners (as of September 1, 2016) committed to developing, implementing, and monitoring effective STH control activities. The STH Advisory Committee is an independent body of experts who provide technical and scientific advice on major barriers faced by national programs, implementers, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies.

CWW has helped lead a transformative event for national STH control programs: adoption of the WHO goal of eliminating morbidity caused by intestinal worm infections. CWW is ready to help countries which adopt the goal to operationalize the necessary planning, monitoring, and implementation.

Country Support
  • Comprehensive intervention delivery
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Building capacity

& Advocacy
  • Forging strong partnerships focused on STH control
  • Advocating for effective STH control among donors and global policy makers
  • Managing the secretariat of the STH Coalition

Technical Leadership
  • Supporting collaborative research through technical advice and publication of findings in peer-reviewed journals
  • Identifying and helping answer key operational research questions
  • Partnering with WHO to facilitate rapid adoption of research findings
  • Encouraging impact assessments of STH interventions in field settings

Our Work

CWW is committed to supporting comprehensive control of STH in endemic countries. Our Country Support focuses on effective intervention delivery, monitoring and evaluation, building capacity, and linking government programs with NGOs and other partners.

CWW forges strong, action-oriented partnerships and advocates for STH control. We began as a partnership and continue to foster collaboration with others in the STH control community through the STH Coalition.

CWW collaborates on research and dissemination of findings in peer-reviewed publications, identifies operational research questions, partners with WHO to facilitate rapid adoption of research findings, and encourages assessment of the impact of STH interventions in field settings.