August 19,2016
Nominations for NNN Vice-Chair   The Executive Committee is accepting nominations for Vice-Chair of the NTD NGDO Network (NNN).  The Vice-Chair will serve one two-year term and then move to the position of Chair and then Past-Chair.  Each term is for two years.  The Vice-Chair will support the Chair and other members of the Executive Committee to execute their roles and responsibilities as outlined in the NNN Terms of Reference. It is important to note that the NNN...
June 13,2016
Read our May 2016 edition of the CWW Quarterly Dose.  
April 4,2016
"The fecal oral route, not a journey to read about over a meal time, not romantic like stories of the ancient silk route, and not spectacular like driving along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. But it is a route taken every day by pathogens affecting millions of children from very low-income families." Read more of Warren Lancaster's blog about intestinal worms and the importance of WASH here. 
January 7,2016
STH Advisory Committee Recommendations Oct 2015
January 7,2016
Paraguay’s National Guidelines
September 10,2015
If your organization is involved in deworming activities, please submit your data to the Global NGO Deworming Inventory by September 29, 2015. The Global NGO Deworming Inventory complements the World Health Organization (WHO) Preventive Chemotherapy (PCT) Databank by collecting (district-level) data on NGO-administered deworming treatments. Specifically, it seeks to: Ensure the WHO-managed global reporting database accurately captures NGO-administered deworming treatments Quantify NGO...
August 7,2015
Like vaccines, deworming programs offer children living in communities without clean water and sanitation a foundation for improved health and a world of opportunity. 870 million children around the world are at risk from soil transmitted helminths (STH), or parasitic intestinal worms. Intestinal worms are diseases of poverty, endemic in communities with limited access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities. STH-related infections cause anemia, malabsorption of nutrients, diarrhea, a...
August 2,2015
On June 26, 2015, in a meeting room at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London, 23 major players in school-age deworming came together to identify barriers and create a roadmap for scaling up deworming using the school platform. A Summit Session on School-Age Deworming was organized by the World Health Organization, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the School-Age Children Workstream of the STH Coalition, and Children Without Worms (CWW).   Akudo Anyanwu, Director of Par...
August 2,2015
The Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases third progress report included a revised scorecard showing indicators and milestones for 10 NTDs. STH moved from yellow to green – meaning that we are now on target to meet the World Health Organization (WHO)’s roadmap targets for STH control. According to the report, “Coordination of partners as a result of the STH Coalition and the improvement in resources and coverage are the main drivers for moving to green.”   The report concluded tha...